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Many fish – such as carp, chub and minnow – appear to have no teeth but in fact have teeth in their throats, called pharyngeal teeth.

(So that’s why they invented disgorgers..)

Brown trout and sea trout are the same species but it is unclear why some seem to choose to migrate to sea while others stay at home. Some trout appear to leave for sea but then change their minds, and are known as “slob trout”.

(Wonder if most of the “slob trout” are female?)

The eel is the only UK freshwater fish that can swim backwards.

(Luckily, or we’d never catch)

Lampreys are the most primitive fish in the world.

(And was served at the queens coronation in 1953!!)

Eels only spawn in the Sargasso Sea and then the young fish can take up to 3 years to enter our rivers.

(That’s some swim!)

Carp are considered a good omen

(I think most fishermen would agree?)

Carp originate from the Black, Aral and Caspian Seas

(And the local carp breeder up the road)

 Carp don’t have a true stomach, instead, their intestine digests food as it travels its length.

(So do they never feel full?)

Most brands of lipstick contain fish scales


Under the UK’s Salmon Act of 1986 it is illegal to ‘handle salmon under suspicious circumstances.’

(My mind’s going wild over this one!)

"Smoked carp tastes just as good as smoked salmon when you ain't got no smoked salmon."  Patrick F. McManus

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